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Sometimes when thinking about buying an RV people forget that much of the time it will simply be stored somewhere.  You've probably seen those retirement homes with the RV garage built into the house, but I suspect you don't have one of those.  Almost nobody else in the real world does either.

If you live in a rural area or have a large lot it might be possible to keep your RV close to the house.  This is the best situation for a variety of reasons.  It is close so you can take care of routine cleaning and maintenance.  You can also hook up electricity and possibly not have to winterize. 

However, if you don't fall into one of the above categories spend some time looking around for appropriate RV storage facilities.  You want security of course, but also ease of access. In a perfect world you will find a covered storage facility on concrete with electrical hookup.  Please call me when you find that for under $150 a month.

Storage costs will vary by area, but a minimum of $50 per month up to $150 is not unusual. 


Paul Bunyon and Blue

$2.99 and read it on your computer or Kindle.  Short and to the point with information you need before buying an RV.

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