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In the past I have suggested that you consider Progressive and GMAC insurance for your RV since they do a lot of RV insurance. That may still be good advice, but it is certainly not complete advice. My most recent experience with GMAC explains just why that is so.

I received a bill in the amount of $1,333 from GMAC for my RV insurance for one year. Combined with my previous problems with GMAC, an insurance carrier I obtained through Good Sam, it was enough to make me shop around.

I contacted my State Farm agent where my two cars and home are insured. They provided me with a quote for $622. It seemed too good to be true. I took my old insurance policy to the agent and said I want this insurance. They said $622 for the year. Needless to say I now have State Farm. How that will work out in case of a claim is to be determined. I suggest that you shop around for your RV insurance and you just might save yourself a bundle.

Since my RV recently turned two years old and the JAYCO warranty was expiring I purchased a five year extended warranty from JAY Plus. This warranty cost about $2,200 and it was sold to me as the absolute best in extended warranty coverage. Well, maybe that is so.

On our first trip covered by Jay Plus our coach air conditioner quit. It was hot in Louisville that Sunday and we have an English Bulldog who doesn't do well in heat. I pulled out my Jay Plus information and called. I eventually got an answer. They asked many, many questions including what color my RV is. I wanted to talk with a technical rep, but after waiting half an hour it became clear that was not going to happen.

I called Jay Plus again and this time said I needed help. After about an hour on hold (yes, an hour) they said that someone was coming out to the RV Park where we were located. It would be another hour or so, but at least help was coming. Jay Plus advised that they would pay for mileage and diagnosis and that I would be responsible for parts and labor for the repair. I had little choice but to agree.

In an hour and a half a man showed up. He spent some time attempting to locate the problem, but could not. He gave up and left. The AC was not repaired. We managed to get through the night okay and drove the RV home the next day. I then took the RV to a repair shop where it now sits.

I was surprised today to receive a phone call from the company that had sent the repairman out. They wanted $225 for his services. I explained that Jay Plus paid for his mileage out and for diagnosing the problem. Since he did not diagnose the problem and certainly did not repair the AC I refused to pay.

My initial experience with Jay Plus has been much less than satisfactory. Poor phone service. No actual service. Buyer beware.

 Copyright by Jack Kean 2012

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