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Just Parked 

An RV is not something you can park and forget; at least not without some preparation.  Besides the fact that you are likely paying for that RV every month, it is a large investment and you will want to take care of it. 

Assuming that your RV is parked away from your home, count on at least a check once a week when not in use.  When it is parked for several weeks you will want to make certain the tires are off the ground; the tires are covered; the windshield is covered. 

At the absolute minimum you want to run your generator once a month.  Failure to do this will cause the fuel to varnish.  While I'm not exactly certain how to explain varnish, it is not a good thing.  Your generator will not run.  You will incur expenses to have it repaired.  Normally I run my generator at least every other week. 

You will find these down times to be a good time to clean and organize your RV.  Owning an RV is like having a hobby.  Enjoy.

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