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Can you travel cheaper in an RV?  It is a question often asked by those considering the purchase of an RV.  It is a question without a simple answer.  For most people the answer is likely no.  However, depending upon the type of RV you have and the manner in which it is used, the answer for you could be yes.

Are you looking for travel with all the amenities of a luxury hotel?  If so, you likely will not save money in an RV.  This is so because your unit will cost a lot upfront and you will be staying at more expensive, luxury type, RV parks.

On the other hand, if you make traveling cheaper a prioriity and do some work, you can see the country in an RV better and possibly cheaper than in a car or plane.  For example, there are a number of places where you can stay for little or no money.  National forests provide many camping opportunities for free and many for very little money.  State parks can be an economical way to spend a week or two.  Most have discounts for seniors. 

You can grab a night's sleep at many Wal-Marts and state welcome centers while you are on the road.  There are a variety of clubs you can join for heavily discounted rates.  Do an Internet search for free camping and you will find links to sites that list places to camp that are free.  With a little work you can also find county parks and parks in smaller towns with extremely reasonable rates.

Remember that you will have the ability to do your own cooking and if that is something you enjoy, then you can save a bundle.  Don't forget National Parks and the discounts they offer.  Keep  your eyes and Internet open and you will find groups that specialize in camping for free, also known as boondocking.  There is at least one group on Yahoo.

Most privately owned RV parks now charge $30 and up per night.  State parks can run from $15 to $35 per night.  However, with planning you can spend a couple of nights at a park and then one or two in free sites.  As an example we have spent a couple of nights at the Clinton Library in Little Rock.  There was no charge and they were happy to have us tour the library.

One big thing to remember is that traveling in an RV is not like traveling in a car.  It is a different way to see the country.  If you enjoy RV travel, cost will not be the deciding factor. 





View from Clinton Library

 View from Clinton Library

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