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RV solar panel kits can greatly extend the amount of time you are able to spend camping with the full benefits of electricity. Once the panels are installed, you will not only be able to enjoy longer stays in your RV, but you'll be doing the planet great service by using solaar power as a clean energy source.

When solar panels installed are installed in your RV, you rely less upon generators or batteries to power the lights and other electrical devices in your recreational vehicle. Some RVs can then stand on their own, without connecting up to external power sources.

How Solar Power Works in an RV

RV Solar Panels are photovoltaic panels that convert solar energy into direct current. These panels are connected to an inverter, which turns the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). AC is the type of electricity you normally get from a home wall socket. You can use this electricity to power the equipment and appliances inside your RV - making it possible for you to spend several days in the wilderness, away from RV camps. And there is no need to use a noisy generator to power up your RV.

Types of RV Solar Panel Kits

There are various types of RV solar panel kits available on the market today. Their outputs range from 50 watts to 440 watts. Their overall capacity will depend on a several factors, such as how much power you'll need, and for how long you will need it. If you will only be out on the weekends, you won't needs as much power as you might need if you live in your recreational vehicle for long periods of time.

You can make a rough estimate of what your total power consumption will be, by reviewing the equipment you will use in your RV, how many watts each item uses, and the duration of use of each item. The more power you use, the more RV solar panels you will need to purchase. An electrician might be able to help you with a power computation.

The type of RV solar panel kit that is right for you will also depend on the weather in your region. The solar panels will need sunlight in order to provide electricity. A system with an inverter and a built-in charger makes it possible to store energy in batteries, and then use that energy as a power source on days when no sunlight is available. Systems that aren't set up this way will be out of power once bad weather comes.

RV Solar Kits

RV solar panels are usually available in DIY (do-it-yourself) kits. These kits typically include the following:

- The actual solar panels

- Mounting structures

- Charge controller
- Fuses
- Output wires
- Intermodal cables.

If your energy requirement increases after you have installed solar panels for your RV, you can usually simply add additional panels. If you aren't comfortable with installing the system yourself, you can ask the retailer of the RV solar panels to refer you to an installer. There are several installation centers across the United States.

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Getting Quality Faucets for Your RV   by Chris Hegi


If you own an RV then you know how incredible convenient they can be. They allow you to take all of the comforts of home out on the road with you. You don't have to worry about finding hotels to stay at or an extra means of transportation because they are one in the same. You can save a lot of money on your vacations and not have to worry about making check-in times. One of the reasons that an RV is so convenient is that you have your very own plumbing. Most RV's come with faucets and showers that allow you to cook, clean and shower every day. When these break down, it can make your RV much less convenient. Here are some tips on how to repair RV Faucets.

First of all, you need to be aware of problems when they occur. It is important to pressurize the water system and look for any leaks. Many times, the bathroom or kitchen faucet will have issues where they will leak all over the countertops. This happens because many RVs that are manufactured today seem to skimp when it comes to their faucet fixtures. They might have chrome plated fixtures but cheap plastic underneath that tends to break down easily. When a problem occurs, rather than just replacing it with another cheap fixture from the manufacturer, you might try upgrading your faucets to something a little more heavy duty that is made from all-metal.

One nice thing about RV faucets is that they are actually pretty easy to repair and swap out. The only real issue you might run into is trying to undo the fittings that are underneath the sink. Once you get these off it really is just a matter of throwing on a brand new faucet and tightening it up. You will want to remember the water lines that you disconnected and which one is for hot water and which one is for cold. Once you do that, you simple need to tighten the fittings back down and you can enjoy a much better RV faucet that shouldn't give you much hassle.

If you are not very experienced with RV faucets or other home repairs, then it is always a good idea to go to a professional to have them take care of it for you. Rather than causing even bigger problems than you had in the first place, it is smart to let someone with experience do it right the first time.

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RV Repair - Tips for Inexpensive RV Repairs (Part 1)

There Are Many Things to Consider When Buying Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles come in many versions and serve many purposes. Small campers and many types of travel trailers can be towed by other vehicles safely. This also includes the smaller pop up campers that are very light and are more tent like and fold into a very small trailer and take up much less space. Next up is the fifth wheel travel trailers are much larger and require heavy-duty tow vehicles. This type comes in many variations with as much or as little luxury as you like.

Travel trailers, small campers and pop up campers pulled with a tow vehicle fall into a category that is less expensive. Small and compact and easy to maintain and easy to travel with, some do come in larger sizes for larger families that fit into the tow-haul class.

These types of trailers are used both in winter and summer and are available with air conditioning and heating depending on their requirement. This category is used for both weekend travelers and seasonal travelers. Seasonal travelers will look for more durable models as well as more creature comforts built-in the models they select.

Of course people will prefer the new models over the used market which is only natural. Saving money is not always on the top of the list but it should be a consideration. Here is why! Used travel trailers are in great shape more often than not. They are well cared for and the bugs in electrical and plumbing systems are already corrected. And the discount in price can be as much as 50% as compared to the new model.

Used will require a good inspection of everything. There are a few ways to verify this step is done right. Invest in a recreational vehicle check list that details each item to be inspected and how. Second you can hire a service to check it out for you to verify everything is in good working order.

The best recommendation is to even run through the complete check list before you write the check for the model that is brand new also. The basic checks are there enough room and sleeping quarters for your family. Don't forget seating for things like eating together and enjoying the after dinner relaxation with everyone.

For both used and new always consider the available warranties and what they cover and what they do not cover. If you are buying as is without warranties there should be recognized by a lower price. In this case run through your check list to make sure you have not missed and unseen problems.

Most of all when considering all of your options when buying a recreational vehicle is to pick the one you really like. Make sure it has the options you like along with the color. Never purchase the first one you look at explore the market first and get a good feel for prices and options and models first. This will insure that when you buy that you will have gotten the one you really wanted.

Many of the answers to the thousand and one questions that must be answered first can be researched online at http://www.usedrvmotorhomesforsale.com. You will find information on models and prices and the jargon used when discussing RVs. From the luxurious Class A diesel pusher to the small camper popup travel trailers you can research.

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Class B RV Characteristics You Should Know

There are many types of recreational vehicles available on the market. The variety ranges from a large Class A motor coach to a smaller Class B RV to a toy hauler type of travel trailer. It is up to you as the motor home buyer to decide which recreational vehicle is best suited for you, your budget, and your traveling needs. Below you will find fun facts about the Class B RV.

In brief, the Class B RV is smaller than its motor home counterparts. The size of the Class B RV makes it easy to travel in and maneuver when on the road or camping. It is also more economical than other recreational vehicles, but that does not mean that the Class B RV lacks in the ability to be as luxurious as you see fit.

The basic characteristics of the Class B RV are listed below:

1. The Class B RV is otherwise known as a van conversion because of how it is built. It is build on a van chassis and converted to a motor home.

2. They are larger than a regular sized van with higher ceilings and extended walls. This gives the Class B RV ample space for living and driving.

3. To increase the space of the motor home, you can purchase pop-up tops or slide-outs.

4. The common size of this type of recreational vehicle is 9 feet with 22 feet in length.

5. This motor home can serve the traveler as both unit for long-term travel and short-term, day-to-day family transportation.

6. Due to its more compact size, this camper is easier to drive, back up with, and park. Many people find that they are the easiest type of motor home unit to back into a camping spot or parking place.

7. They are stable on the road. This means that they feel safe, while also being easy to drive.

8. Van conversions are believed to be more fuel efficient than other motor home units or towables. This is because when driving this kind of unit, the driver is typically not towing additional travel trailers or cars.

9. While the van conversion is designed to serve a basic and efficient life on the road, they do have a variety of floor plans and upgrades to make the experience more luxurious.

10. Most van conversion motor homes start at approximately $35,000, but this price can decrease or increase depending on make/model/amenities, etc.

Julie Jacobs writes articles about RVs. For more information on RVs, such as the Class B RV visit http://www.PedataRVCenter.com.

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Motorhome Driving Tips For Newbies
By Lhea Magbanua

Contrary to what other people think, driving a motorhome is actually a fun and effortless travel. Although it's bigger than your usual vehicle, weighs heavier and is longer in length, the truth is it's actually easy and hassle free to maneuver. Since it doesn't require a special license, anyone can handle a motorhome.

It can be a bit intimidating if you're a first timer but once you're out on the road, the feeling is exhilarating. With a proper RV driving and common sense, everything will be a breeze and soon over a period of time you'll be more confident to traverse the open road. Here's suggested tips for safe RV driving for the first timers:

• Before the start of your tip always, have your motorhome undergo a physical and mechanical check up to ensure you're safety on the road. Your Safety while on the road should start with your vehicle.
• Plan your trip in advance so you can plot your route and avoid impossible course. Listen to weather updates and stay away from crowded routes with heavy traffic or avoid uphill and downhill courses.
• Avoid abrupt maneuver of your vehicle. Since your RV is larger than your usual vehicle, allow more time for your RV to accelerate and slow down. So always maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
• Adjust your side mirrors before the start of the trip. Always check your mirrors from time to time to be wary of activities behind and beside you. Some RV's have rear view camera to serves as your back vision.
• Know the proper height and length of your rig. This is to avoid road clearances, tunnels and hanging tree branches to name a few. This is also helpful when it comes to parking. There are RV parks that have restrictions when it comes to the weight and length of vehicle.
• Backing up a motorhome can be extra tricky, since it's bigger than the usual vehicle and you can not see the back area once you're on the driver's seat. For a safe backing, always check the area first and use your side mirrors for backing up. Other effective tip is to use a guide or someone who can help you do the directing while you're trying to maneuver the RV.
• Drive in the appropriate lane. You may want to stay on the right lane to keep away from faster vehicles.
• If you're passing another vehicle always does this with caution since you can not calculate you're length while the RV is running. Use appropriate signals before trying to do this. This is to inform other vehicles of your intention. Be wary of other vehicles that surround you.

If you're a first timer, don't be afraid. Everyone makes mistake, so take one step at a time. If you still feel uncomfortable you may consider taking RV driving courses. You may also ask pointers from RV seniors or full timers. Soon enough you'll feel comfortable while sitting on the driver seat.

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