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People often think of how much an RV costs to buy, but that is only part of the equation.  Don't forget that you have to buy a tag for your RV.  You have to insure your RV.  You have to maintain your RV.  You have to park your RV.  You have to buy fuel for your RV.  All of these things cost money.
Look at the entire cost of owning an RV before making your final decision and be certain that those costs are within your budget. 

Read following for another example of a cost that is preventable:

Derald Bontrager


PO Box 460

Middlebury, IN 46540

Dear Mr. Bontrager,

Several months ago we purchased a 2010 JAYCO Greyhawk FS from Burton Campers in Calera, Alabama. While we are still getting used to the unit, it seems to be something we will continue to enjoy for years. To date there have been no major problems and the small ones were fixed rapidly at Burton Campers.

I am taking this opportunity to write you relative to a practice JAYCO has seemingly employed for several years that does not live up to the standards I believe you set for your company. When purchasing the unit I spent several hours going over every aspect of the motorhome. That is not exactly true as you will see, but I did go over every system that should have been necessary.

The one item I did not completely check out was the radio. Yes, I turned it on and checked the cameras and navigation system. Since the radio was clearly labeled “Sirius ready” I did not attempt to actually subscribe to Sirius prior to leaving with the unit. Several weeks later as I prepared to call Sirius to subscribe using my “Sirius ready” radio I found out the the “Sirius ready” radio was not “Sirius ready.” It seems to be ready to be made ready for Sirius, at some as yet undetermined cost to me.

I have blogged on this issue and written a lengthy article on purchasing an RV in which I use this as an example of why you should check out everything on an RV before leaving with it. I have also posted this problem on various discussion boards. On one a lady wrote back and said she had the same thing happen to her with a 2008 unit.

I wrote an e-mail to customer service and was essentially told tough luck. Those were not the words, however that was the message. I was advised that the manufacturer of the radio put that on and JAYCO is not responsible.

It seems to me that JAYCO and its dealers have a duty to notify potential customers that “Sirius ready” does not mean the same thing as the word ready means in the dictionary. Anytime that I am told that something is ready, I make the assumption that it is ready. Would you?

I am requesting that JAYCO make my radio Sirius ready as is clearly marked on the radio.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jack Kean

As information he did not have the courtesy to respond.  He had someone from customer service respond with a tough luck buddy letter.



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