Knox RV Park

Knox Hills RV Resort?

Knox Hills RV Resort, 252 Old Patton Rd., Knoxville, Alabama. This RV Park will never host my RV again in this lifetime. When writing a negative report on an RV Park I want to make it very clear that all opinions are mine and that they represent an honest appraisal of my experience with the Park. I have included pictures to help you make up your own mind.

Traveling from Jackson, MS to Birmingham we were tired and simply did not feel like unloading the RV into cars on a hot day. We wanted a place to rest without having to run the generator and really not much more. We were told by the nice lady at the Alabama Welcome Center that Knox RV Resort was fine. She didn’t sell it, but she certainly didn’t discourage us either.

Worn out we drove into the mostly empty park and were advised the rate was $37.25 with tax. Not too high for a resort, but for this? We found a rundown facility that looked like, at some time in the past, it was someone’s good idea gone terribly wrong. We were pretty desperate for rest, so we stopped and paid the outrageous fee.

For the aforementioned amount of money we obtained electricity, water, sewer and surroundings that could depress the most optimistic of individuals. Cracking concrete pads, weeds, leaning fences, and a general state of disrepair most everywhere you looked. Each site did have a plastic garbage can available for your use.

At the bottom of the hill there was a swimming pool. It was small, but appeared to be clean and well maintained. It was about the only thing we saw that was well maintained.

If any of this seems a bit harsh please remember the name of this RV Park includes the word resort. You think, resort, how bad could it be? That combined with the outrageous charge simply cannot be forgiven. They must rely on those too desperate to go elsewhere pulling in thinking that any RV Park called a resort couldn’t be too bad.

I am not providing contact information because it should not be needed. This RV Park might be a place to stop if they removed the word resort and charged $15 per night. At least that would be a fair price for the service provided.


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